The Sweetest Old World European Town Ever… That Wasn’t in Europe.

What do you do when you want Vin Chaud, Christmas Markets and old world European charm but don’t have time to go to Europe? If you live in Washington, DC, you hop a quick Air Canada flight going north to that lovely French speaking province of Quebec. The UNESCO World Heritage Treasure that is Old Quebec did not disappoint.  The cobblestone streets of the Petit-Champlain District were dusted in snow and decked out in holiday flare. It was exactly what we had hoped for and exceeded our expectations. Have a look at this dreamy location.

Ready for Christmas in Quebec

Holiday Details

Quartier Petit Champlain

Can I just admit that I thought these pups were fake props at first sight.

Can I just admit that at first sight I thought these sweet pups were fake props.

After taking in tons of small village charm we had to stop for sustenance. Bistro Sous le Fort was a godsend.

Bistro Sous FortCan we just stop for a moment and give full attention to the remarkable person who decided to put warm brie in a sauce of rum and maple syrup top it with nuts. Thank you, thank you so very much.

Warm Brie gooey goodness

If you are adventurous there is restaurant in Vieux Quebec that is the epitome of the quaint french bistro – Le Lapin Saute. Go there, have the rabbit and image you are in village in France circa 1900 and whatever. Do it. Do it for me because I chickened out and couldn’t go in and eat the rabbit.

Le Lapin Saute

OK, they actually have a family of bunnies on the sign outside. I couldn't do it.

OK, they actually have a family of bunnies on the sign outside. I couldn’t do it.

After a long and cozy lunch we were eager to explore more of Vieux-Quebec and soak up more of the holiday spirit found all around the town and in the Christmas Market.

Sweet Christmas Tree Maiden

Christmas Tree in Old Quebec

Christmas Decor in Old Quebec

Holiday Market Quebec


As it turns out, we were visiting during the Fetes du 350e Notre-Dame de Quebec.  As part of the the Basilica-Cathedral’s 350th Jubilee the first holy door in the Americas was opened and will remain so until December 27th.  The door will be sealed after the jubilee and won’t open for another 25 years. We were able to pass through the holy door and view the beautiful cathedral and gold alter.

Gold Alter Notre Dame

Notre Dame Basilica Quebec

Close up detail of the holy door

Close up detail of the holy door

The night was perfectly wrapped up with sipping cups of traditional vin chaud while the sounds of holiday tunes filled the night air.  Old Quebec sent me home completely filled with the joy of the season. Au Revoir till next time!

Rue Sous-le-Fort is looking like a winter wonderland

                    Rue Sous-le-Fort is looking like a winter wonderland

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  1. Beautiful blog, just discovered thanks to FillYourOwnGlass! Love being reminded of the only “European” city I got to live in and shouldn’t have left perhaps. Is there a “story” about Danielle?


    • Thanks, Sandra!

      You were lucky to get to live there and it can hold a special place in your heart. Besides you can always visit. 🙂

      Yes, there is a ‘story’ about Danielle. I really must do some edits and revamp the blog to add an about section. Thanks for the feedback.


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