Cherry Blossoms Time in Washington, DC

Washington, DC really does put on its best face during the spring and this year’s annul  Cherry Blossom Season did not disappoint.

Every year without fail locals and thousands of visitors (OK , really at least a million) flock to the Tidal Basin to view these blooming trees and the surrounding monuments adorned in a beautiful pink hue.

3000 Cherry Blossom trees were gifted to the US in 1912 by the Japanese government as a show of friendship between the two countries. Fondness for the blooms has grown extensively from those modest beginnings into the uber Cherry Blossom Festival that takes place each spring in Washington, DC.

Today the festival takes place over a span of 30 days and consists of parades, foot races, parties and even a kite festival. And the ‘cherry on top’ is the beauty of the Cherry Blossoms at peak bloom. It really never gets old.


The Jefferson Memorial framed by those beautiful blossoms


The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial surrounded in pink


A couple enjoying the Tidal Basin in all its glory


Place Washington, DC’s  Cherry Blossom Season  high on your must see list. The photos really don’t do it much justice. Come see them for yourself.



The Washington Monument playing peek-a-boo behind those beautiful pink blooms


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